Helpful Services

Listed here are servicesĀ you can use to help you determine sources of toxins in your environment, decrease toxins in your home and find doctors knowledgeable in environmental medicine. For doctors, I have also included the conferences I think provide the best education in this area. There are many more good resources but these are the ones my family uses.

Test Water for Toxins

Metals: Doctors Data:

Chemicals: The Great Planes Laboratory:

Determine Water and Air Toxins by Zip Code


Decrease Toxins in Water

LifeSource Water Systems (whole house carbon block filter):

Doctors Knowledgeable in Environmental Medicine

Naturopathic doctors:

Doctors who have completed the Functional Medicine fellowship:

Doctors who have completed the Integrative Medicine fellowship:

Best Conferences for Doctors Interested in Environmental Medicine

AANP annual conference:

AARM annual conference:

AIHM annual conference and training programs:

IFM annual conference and training programs: