Detox Popup Recipes

Our recipes are usually everyday recipes that we have modified.  These modifications come from over 20 years of studying environmental toxins and intensely following leading experts and research on epigenetics, detoxification, food allergies/sensitivies, aging, healing (disease reversal) with food, etc. I learned about choosing the best of truly medicinal and allergy free ingredients from studying Nutrition at Bastyr University and from other amazing chefs who have helped to grow this business

Always use organic ingredients.

Red Soup (adapted from Cynthia Lair’s Feeding The Whole Family) - we love to serve this soup
and it is a customer FAVORITE!  It is also really gorgeous.  We eat with our eyes first, right?  :)
1T EVOO - extra virgin cold pressed organic olive oil
1 onion - diced
2 beets - medium sized, medium chunks
2 carrots
½ teaspoon of turmeric - we sneak this into a LOT of stuff for it’s anti-inflammatory benefits
1 bay leaf
6 cups of stock - we use thick, gelatinous broth for healing leaky guts
3 T chickpea miso (no soy miso)
1 cup dried red lentils - for those on a low carb diet, barely sprout these first
2-3 T any dried herb or combinations of herbs.  Herbs d’Provence and Marjoram are our
favorites  Rosemary/Oregano are from Cynthia’s delicious original recipe.
Real Redmond sea salt to taste - start w/1 tsp.  The miso adds to the saltiness of this great
NO black pepper.  We are all so used to adding salt & pepper to everything but we now know that pepper increases gut permeability. No more pepper in our Detox POP UP kitchen!
Heat oil, add onions. After onions are soft, add all chopped veggies.  Add herbs, rinsed lentils, bay leaf.  Saute another minute and add all stock.  Lower heat and simmer until lentils are soft and cooked.  Remove bay leaf, cool for a bit, when cool add miso, then puree this all into the gorgeous fuschia colored soup.  Beets are essential for detoxification.  We serve this several times during our detox programs.  Serves 6-8

Dehydrated Flax-Onion- Sunflower “Bread” - this is adapted from San Francisco’s Cafe Gratitude’s raw recipe.  I’m excited to share this recipe because it is not only a delicious snack with hummus or cashew cheez, but this bread makes absolutely DELICIOUS bread crumbs!  This is our “not so secret ingredient now” for our Bison Meatballs and Turkey Meatloaf.  We process the “bread” in the food processor into crumbs and “voila”!
3 lbs. Sweet onions - I like to throw in one red onion for color
1 cup flax meal - use golden flax for a more classic bread color
1 cup sunflower seeds - use them whole or grind into meal.  Sometimes I do half and half.
½ cup of EVOO
⅓ cup of Coconut Aminos - a soy sauce flavored condiment without soy or gluten
½ tsp. Ground turmeric

Honey to taste - Coconut Aminos are slightly sweet, so I often don’t even use this.  Start with ¼
Process the onions in a food processor until chopped but not mush. Pour into a mixing bowl and mix well with the other ingredients. Spread out evenly over Teflex sheet, will make two and a half  trays and dehydrate for 1 hour at 145 degrees and then 10 or more (until dry) hours at 115 degrees.  Keep drying to make this a cracker instead of a flexible bread.  Score it first with a butter knife into the size that you want, if crackers are what you desire. Store in an airtight container. Process the onions in a food processor until chopped but not mush.

Miso Taki Wild Salmon - first, I want you to know about a great resource for Wild Columbia River King Salmon.
This is a great marinade for any meat, really.  It originally called for a high sugar mirin in the recipe..but we made up our own mock mirin!
8 oz miso
1/2 c rice vinegar
2 tbsp honey
1 tsp sea salt
1 T ginger - finely chopped
Blend together with a fork in a bowl with water to make it the consistency you like.  We like it thick so it cooks into almost a crust.  Brush this on 6-8 pieces of salmon and cook for 10 minutes at 350 degrees.  Add more later, not only because we all love plenty of sauce, but as an excuse to add more live fermented miso that is helpful to your gut health. Cooking it kills that beneficial bacteria, so add more after it is removed from heat for 5 minutes or so.

Chocolate Truffles - this is the easiest recipe.  It is also such a lovely treat when you are in the middle of a detox or elimination diet.
1 cup coconut oil melted
1 cup organic fair trade cocoa powder
Stevia to taste - start w/6 drops and let it settle, then start adding to your own personal taste.
1 tsp. Vanilla extract
Mix all together.  Pour into a silicone ice cube mold.  I have one that are little hearts.  My clients get one each day during our program and they just love this.  It melts in your mouth! Extras: I like to experiment with almond extract - ¼ tsp, or 2 drops of peppermint oil (food grade), cocao nibs (sprinkle in each mold), a roasted almond in each, a sprinkle of spirulina for added nutrition. Sometimes I sprinkle a tiny bit of sea salt or monkfruit sweetner in each mold before I freeze it for a different experience.  These freeze very quickly and then keep well in the refrigerator.  

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